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“It doesn't cost much to look like a million.”
After inheriting an impeccable sense of style from her seamstress mother, Michelle uses those talents today to create stylish pieces worn by people worldwide.   
Michelle's first fashion venture, Baby Dolz, became a sensation in the early 90's after she affixed a silk flower to a baseball cap for her then six-month-old goddaughter to protect her from the sun. Striking a cord in all women Michelle soon realized the strength of flowers. In 2000, Roy created her signature line of bejeweled flowered hair accessories, which bloomed to popularity after stars such as Jennifer Lopez, Paris Hilton, Demi Moore, and Drew Barrymore, were photographed wearing them and magazines such as Elle, Cosmopolitan, In Style, and People featured her collections in their pages. Soon her designs were seen on various TV shows such as “American Idol” "Extra," "The Today Show," "Dancing with the Stars" and "Desperate House Wives."
Her constant desire to give back has driven her to work with many charities such as the American Red Cross, Project Angel Food, SPCLA and Susan G Komen for the Cure foundation.
Her collections can be found at various boutiques and department stores around the country and internationally. Michelle’s customers know she puts her heart into everything she designs and they feel the strength that beauty evokes, whether it is in the delicate adornment of a flower or a fabulous feather that can change your mood and raise your spirits.
You can find Michelle in her West 3rd Street design studio in Social Butterflies LA store front constantly creating new and exciting jewelry, hair accessories and hats. Every unique piece is handmade here in our studio in West Hollywood. It is her passion and drive combined with her warmth and wisdom that has enabled Michelle to become the success that she is today, by doing the things she’s loved for a lifetime and the joy of enhancing any woman’s sense of style and self.
It is Michelle’s desire to help women express themselves through her designs give a voice to this calling. Remember “it doesn't cost much to look like a million”!

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